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Meet Rev. Dianna N. Watkins-Dickerson, Ph.D.

Dianna Nicole Watkins-Dickerson is a graciously passionate and charasmatic individual whose grounding vocation centers Black women's experiences. A native Memphian, she earned her Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Memphis.


Dr. Watkins-Dickerson has written and worked in settings confronting DEI, civic engagement, digital humanities, project planning, and transformative church leadership in the virtual space. 


She is an ordained itinerant elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and married to Dr. Dennis Clark Dickerson, Jr. Together, they are the parents of Dennis Clark III and Dionne Yvonne Dickerson.

She currently teaches courses at the University of Memphis and Memphis Theological Seminary; serves as a military chaplain; and provides private and group consulting focusing on issues centering Black women; DEI; digital ministry strategy for Black churches; and professional communication skills. 


Pre-organized appointments can be made at DNWD Coaching & Consulting. Specialized sessions, scholarly requests, preaching arrangements, workshops/seminars, and other professional engagements can be scheduled here

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What I Study

As a womanist rhetorician, I study rhetoric at the intersections of race, religion, and gender with special attention to theory, culture, praxis, and media studies.

What I Preach

I believe in the risen Savior who was and always will be. This is a God who never stopped investing in our liberation and working toward the wholeness of all people toward the effort of healing our pain, and being present in our lives.

Why I Serve

Many members of my family have served this country in order to make it a better place. By doing this, I uplift my community and stand in the gap for others as a military chaplain.

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